Lease your land for a solar farm and maximize the value of your property

Enjoy reliable long term revenue streams with a partner who will be there for the life of the project.​

About Navisun

At Navisun, we’ve worked with farmers across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and now the Midwest. We understand the unique challenges farmers face today, the opportunities solar development can bring for you and your families, and how to bridge this gap in a way that respects and values everyone in the process. We’re here to work with you.

Is a solar land lease right for you?

Are you located in Illinois and have 15 acres or more of land? If so, we’re interested in talking. Typically, when developing community solar projects we look for a piece of land that is:

  • Flat and dry
  • Not located on wetlands
  • Doesn’t have environmental regulations

In an ideal world, the land will also run alongside three-phase utility lines. With that said, even if your land doesn’t check all of these boxes but you think it may still be eligible, reach out today.

What’s in it for you


Long Term Income

Even in uncertain economic times and changing landscapes, our landowner partners enjoy reliable revenue streams of $2,000 – $2,500 per acre per year for upwards of 30 years, with two five-year options.

Long Term Partners

As the owners and operators of the solar project, Navisun will be with you for the long haul. When you pick up the phone over the next 40 years, it’ll be the same company on the other end of the line. No gimmicks, no changes.

Dual-use land

We build agrivoltaic projects that allow you to continue using land for agricultural purposes in addition to solar projects. Additionally, the solar panels are specifically designed to not contaminate the soil and we employ rigorous testing standards to ensure the soil is protected.

No cost to you

As the owner and operator, Navisun covers the cost of development, installation, and decommission, including any additional property taxes caused by the installation of solar.

Land integrity

When the project reaches completion, we take full responsibility for removing the materials and bringing it back to the land’s original state. If for any reason the project needs to be removed earlier, there will be funds available to complete this.

Community solar

By enabling the development of a community solar project on your land, you can help your neighbors and community members save money on their electric bills and benefit from clean, locally-sourced solar power with no upfront costs to them.

How it Works


Contact Us

Reach out to Navisun to see if your land qualifies.


Letter of Intent

Navisun will need 90 days to complete initial development studies. The land owner will need to sign a Letter of Intent. This will trigger us to deploy development resources.


Due diligence

If the location passes the 90 day initial due diligence period, we will then work to complete a lease option on the property. The option is in place until construction starts. This option period typically lasts 1 – 3 years.


Lease contract

We will execute a lease contract with the land owner before construction begins.



Construction will be completed based on approved plans from the county and utility.



The project owner (Navisun) will maintain the solar asset for the entire lifespan of the project at no cost to the land owner.


Situated on former hay fields, we believe we will have the best looking solar project in the state once the landscaping is completed. It looks great! We are very happy to see the solar project through from the beginning to generation of clean energy. We have been very pleased working with Navisun throughout this project, as everyone has been very professional. The project planning and construction went smoothly. We’re also very excited to work with a nationally known seed company, Johnny Selected Seeds, to make this a multi-use project to generate power while continuing our family history of agriculture. That is why we named this project AG2Energy.

- The Hapworth Family:

Wayne Hapworth, Kevin Hapworth, and Suzanne Reed


Will you sell the rights to this project to another company?

Navisun develops these projects for the sole intent to own and operate them for the entire life span of the project. We have a long-term strategy that only works if we maintain ownership of these assets for the long term. Once you decide to work with us, you’ll be working with us for the entire duration of the lease contract.

What taxes are typically paid on the deals?

The landowner will continue to pay their current property taxes while Navisun will cover any additional property taxes caused by the installation of solar.

What happens at the end of the project’s life? What happens if the company goes belly up? Will you remove the material?

We will hold a Decommissioning Bond during the entire life of the project. If for any reason the project needs to be removed, there will be funds available for the sole intent of removing the material and bringing it back to the land’s original state.

Will this lease stay with the land if it is transferred into another entity’s ownership?

The lease will be transferred to the next owner if for whatever reason that situation may arise.

Will these panels contaminate the soil?

The solar panels are specifically designed to not contaminate the soil. Rigorous testing standards must be met to ensure the soil is protected.

How can other local residents in the community participate in this project?

Anyone in the local community can purchase energy produced from the solar at these facilities.

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